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Extracting survey deliverables from scan data doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. If you have ever attempted to draw curbs, flow lines, and other critical elements directly on a point cloud in CAD you will probably recall asking questions like ‘How do I know I’m on the top of curb’ and ‘Why is it so painful to try to click on the correct point?’. The Surveyor App brings some much needed feature extraction and surface creation tools to SCENE. We think you’re going to love the new workflows we have created here.

  • Create and draw lines, polylines, circles, and arcs
  • Create TIN surfaces, and export to LandXML or DXF format for use in Surveying or Simulation software
  • Virtual topo for Field to Finish workflows, with export to PENZD for import into Civil 3D/Carleson
  • Draw objects on layers for export to CAD on those same layers
  • Measure slopes in survey grade ratio, percent slope, or angular degrees
  • Generate flowlines
  • Automatically detect Top of Curb, Bottom of Curb, Flowline points from a cross-section
  • Create clean topography/contour lines.
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Introduction Video

Free Trial

Two simple steps to try the App:

  1. Download the App Installer Package
  2. Download the Sample Data Set so you can see how the app works on real data
  3. Be sure to follow along with the User Manual for installation instructions

If you should run into any issues please visit our support site or email


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