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This is a training session geared towards minimizing the amount of steps you take to get from field to deliverable, without compromising on quality. It will comprise of 8 live, intense, information-filled hours of the latest industry best-practices from someone with vast (and recent) on-the-job scanning/Faro Scene experience, in order to maximize the quality and efficiency of your field and office registration processes, while mastering the use of the Rithm Apps. These online sessions can be divided into two 4-hour sessions upon request. This training session i intended to help save you hundreds of wasted hours and mistakes as it specifically pertains to scanning and creating deliverables during construction.

At the end of the training course, you will:
-Receive an editable workflow diagram that outlines customized workflows based on the requirements of your projects.
-Understand how to consistently achieve 1/8″ accuracy on scan projects, verifiable by independent measurements
-Achieve a field to office productivity rate of 1:1 or better for scanning/registration
-Perform construction-specific techniques for quickly tying into model coordinates without the use of a total station
-Use the Rithm App(s) to their fullest potential

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