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Structural steel – the literal backbone of the building – carries very high risk, and can break a project’s schedule or budget if something goes wrong. That’s why if something is wrong, it’s important to get things addressed right away. A few ways to check for issues with structural steel is to ensure that all of the beams are installed properly with the right cambers, as well as making sure that the beams deflect the right amount after they’ve been loaded with concrete.
You can now perform these checks with ease. This video describes how to perform the necessary procedures, and how the Builder App works to automate this analysis with simple and easy to understand commands. All beam points are automatically identified and uniquely categorized.  After completing the steps, you can do several things: 1) Export to AutoCAD in order to create a deliverable to share with your client or structural engineer, 2) Export an excel file in order to produce a report, or 3) Export to the PENZD format in order to double-check problem areas with a robotic total station.

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