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Who is Rithm?

Rithm is a San Francisco based software company focusing on delivering simple, highly automated plugin applications for the construction industry. Building on FARO Technologies’ SCENE Software platform, these plugin apps aim to deliver the Minimum Viable Workflow needed for our clients to get their work done. Minimum Viable Workflow? Click on ‘Meet Rithm’ below to learn more about MVW and Rithm.
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Our Products

Deliver data and create reports for your clients faster than ever. Whether you are a builder, engineer, surveyor, or just want to perform inspections, we have you covered.

Training on the minimum required amount of steps from the moment you step onto the jobsite to a complete deliverable.

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Builders looking to use their scanner for QA/QC on the job site, quickly calculate quantities to check subcontractors, and create reports; this is your tool.

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Includes FF/FL inspection, automated ramp slope analysis, stair analysis for ADA and International Building Code compliance, and reporting.

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Every surveyor with a scanner is going to want this app in their tool belt. You asked for more survey-friendly workflows when working with scan data, we think you will like what this app has to offer.

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